2014 Hunting Season

Hi Friends and Hunters

We hope you all had a good festive time and that you are ready for 2014. We just want to wish all off you a wonderful and prosperous 2014.  We are hoping and praying for some good rain.  We received our first rain only on 19 November and so far we had an average of about 50mm over the farm.  Even for the Kalahari it is very low but the grazing are recovering and the animals that we hunted for butcheries, are in a very good condition.

We want to thank all the hunters that adhered to our request last year to hunt by foot or to get off from the vehicles when they spotted the animals.  We hope this initiative will get even further momentum during 2014.

Unfortunately we parted ways with Carl Muller, our previous manager of the Ranch.  We appointed Arrie van Niekerk as our new manager   He will be assisted by his fiancé Yolande Fourie. They will get married in April.  We want to welcome them to the Phirima family as well. During your time on Phirima, you will be dealing with them.  We also want to remind you that we do have an internet on the farm now and you can communicate with them at all times.  The e-mail address on the farm is phirimabots@gmail .com.  Our website is also up and running and the site will be updated within the next two weeks with some pictures of the 2013 hunts and the new pricelist.  Thanks to the hunters that gave us photos for the website

We unfortunately took a big knock last year on the exchange rate.  We allowed hunters to pay in rands at a fixed exchange rate of P1 = R1.10.  The mid rate at the bank (exchange rate between rand buying and rand selling price) was for the majority of the year at about P1 = R1.18.  Every time when we deposited the rands, we took a big loss. We will prefer if you can rather pay in Pulas.  If you do pay in rands, we will call the bank and work on the Barclays Bank mid rate for that morning.  Botswana bank account holders can do an Electronic funds transfer (EFT) on the farm.  We also have a credit card facility available as well. If you want to pay by credit card, please bear in mind that we need to include the 4% bank charge for the credit card use.

We just want to highlight a couple of issues before you decide to make a booking.  Please take note of the following:

1.    Last year we still had cancelations at number 99 which did not gave us enough time to fill that date with other hunters and we had to turn so many hunters away due to our schedule that was fully booked. You need to pay your deposit that is equal to your accommodation for your hunt four weeks before your hunt.  If the deposit is not paid, we will make that date available for other hunters again. The balance of the payment is due before you leave the farm.  The majority of the South Africa hunters had problems after wards to do internet transfers into our account.  To avoid these delays, that in some cases took up to two months, we request that you pay your outstanding balance in cash or Botswana cheques on the day of your departure.  We cannot accept South African cheques.  We do have a credit card facility on the farm as well.

2.    Due to the fact that we have a set quota for the game that we will be hunting for this year, you have to book the animals that you want to hunt when you make the booking.  If you don’t book certain species or numbers, and only decide while you are hunting to include them, it will not be allowed unless there are animals on that specie quota available.

3.    After you paid your deposit, you must fax or e-mail me a copy of your deposit slip as well as your quota form for the hunt.

4.    All hunters have to sign an indemnity form and have to abide our rules of conduct.  If an animal is shot that was not booked on your quota, you will be charged double for that animal.  If a trace of blood was found and the animal could not be recovered, you will pay the full price for that animal.

5.     You are welcome to use your own vehicle for hunting on the condition that it is a 4x4 vehicle and your tyre pressure will not be more than 1.5 bar in the farm.  If you use our vehicle, the price will be P850 per day for the use of our fully equipped Land Cruiser.  This rate includes the diesel. 

6.    Hunters that want to bring their own skinners/trackers are welcome to do so.  Be aware that you have to pay the normal camping rates for them as well.

7.    We have a butchery facility on the farm that you can use to process your meat.  You will not be charged to use the facilities but you cannot engage our staff to assist in processing your meat.  We can try to organize ablockman from town to assist you with your meat preparations.

The pricelist and hunting quotas for 2014 and our booking schedule till date are attached.  You will realize that our prices did not increase from 2013.  We just added trophy prices for all the species, as we are expecting some trophy hunters this year.  There are no additional costs.  The skinning fee, cold room, butchery use and 12% VAT are all included in the price.  We are planning to hunt a total of about 670 animals (10 species) this year.  Due to no breeding for three years now, there will not be any ostriches available this year. Due to the fact that we don’t really want to want the Steenbok, we increased their price to allow the hunter that really wants to add it to his list, the opportunity.  Our price on the Blue wildebeest and Waterbuck was reduced from last year.

We thank you all for your support till now.  Hope everybody have another good experience like in the past.


Thomas and Robert

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